Saturday, June 21, 2008

Evening Update

10:41 1315 Leland
Black male in a white Bonneville in front of address making threats
has a gun.

10:44 Montrose Harbor
Paddy wagon requested to transport seven arrests from the park.

12:03 4536 Magnolia

12:04 4700 block of Malden
Loud party.

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Anonymous said...

It isn't even 9:30PM on Saturday night yet and these bogus "crimes" are showing up as occurring after 10:00PM.

IrishPirate said...

Those are from last night. They didn't update the post until 12:20 am on Saturday morning so it may appear at first glance to be tonight.


Anonymous said...

Sheesh, "anonymous." Defensive much? Where are these fireworks (coming from NE of Uptown) from?

Anonymous said...

Is anyone else with open windows hearing the fireworks show that's apparently going on in Sheridan Park? I see no lightning but hear lots of thunder (as in M-80's). And it's what, still almost two weeks from the 4th of July?

guitarjunkie9 said...

sounded like gunfire, we went inside.

Anonymous said...

Unless there was continuous gunfire for 4 minutes, I'm pretty sure those were fireoworks. Gunfire sounds like a much more staccato sort of "pop".

Anonymous said...

I could see the fireworks, they were northeast of Uptown. No clue where or why, though!

Anonymous said...

I just saw about 8 squad cars show up around the Margate Fieldhouse and about 30 kids being chased out of the park, many with cops sprinting after them. Anyone know what happened?

Wonderwoman said...

The fireworks were for a wedding at the Cycle and Saddle Club. It was a HUGE affair. The fireworks alone probably cost upwards of 50K. I watched it from my balcony directly across the street. It was a beautiful show.

Malena said...

P.S. The Cycle and Saddle Club has an excellent Fourth of July show too. Enjoy!