Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sunday Morning

8:33 1319 Wilson
U-Haul truck stolen from a person moving into an apartment.

8:47 4031 Kenmore apartment #204
Address of a hit and run offender from an accident at Broadway and
Cuyler. 3 units there to investigate, calling for back-up.

9:00 U-Haul update
The victim parked the truck in a private parking lot police contacted
Lincoln Towing and found out they moved the truck to their facility

9:04 4031 Kenmore apartment #204
Police are calling for the wagon.

9:12 1101 Montrose
White jeep parked in the crosswalk.

9:27 900 Montrose
6 homeless bums hanging out in the Dearborn wholesalers lot.

10:00 4540 Hazel
Battery I progress.

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Anonymous said...

Do you have to refer to them as "bums?" I mean, really!

Anonymous said...

Watch out the PC police are here.

Anonymous said...

"Bum", a slang term for a hobo (though unlike hobos, a bum is unlikely to seek work)

if the shoe fits, wear it.

Anonymous said...

what's wrong with "bum"? it's a lot better than most of the alternatives.

Anonymous said...

I saw tons of BUMS sitting in Dearborn parking lot this weekend. All were drinking their standard ice house. (More bang for your buck). I also saw a cop car driving by and not paying any attention.

Anonymous said...

It shall now be known as "Dearbum Wholesale"

Anonymous said...

Let me guess, the moving van morons were moving here from Ohio?