Friday, June 20, 2008


8:16 Extra cars in the zone for operation Safe Summer.

8:18 Jewell on Sheridan
Security has two female juveniles in custody for shoplifting.

8:43 4716 Malden
Street stop.

8:47 1341 Wilson
Resident claims a man just threatened him.

8:48 Wilson and Broadway
Traffic stop.


Anonymous said...

get those extra cars out ticketing all the annoyances on kenmore parking w/o permits for the fight at the aragon! haha

Anonymous said...

I saw about a million police cars on Magnolia this morning while at the park. Unfortunately, there was about an 8 minute response time from when I called last night about the huge fight on Leland until a single car actually showed. I don't understand why the neighborhood is heavily patrolled at 10am but it takes 8 minutes to break up a practical riot at midnight!