Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wednesday Night

Broncho Billy Playlot - black male selling drugs

4705 N Sheridan - black male assaulting a white male on crutches - with a brick!

Belmont and Damon Fire - re-routing all traffic

46xx North [something] - 2 males on bikes throwing things at passers-by

1227 Sunnyside - street stop

4735 Magnolia - two white males drinking in front of a green chevy blazer

2147 West Belmont - building on fire

44xx Magnolia - 14 year-old black male in black jacket just sold drugs to a black male on a bike

42xx Malden - gang activity

11xx Grace - missing donkey garden statue!!


Meghan said...

14 years old! Ugh....

Anonymous said...

I wonder if that is the same black male assaulting the white male that I called in about a week ago. They were clearly "friends" in that the white guy who was getting beat up didn't want to press charges when the cops came. But, if this is their abusive relationship then I am sure we will hear more from them. Newsflash though: if your buddy beats you up with a brick, time to find new friends!!!

Anonymous said...

"black male assaulting white male on crutches...with a brick"

I guess bricks will be made illegal next.


Anonymous said...

meghan get a clue...his mother is only 28 and father is unknown.

Anonymous said...


Butternut said...

They need to make Die Hard 5 "Barnyard With a Vengence" so old Brucie can coin the phrase "Hehaw Mother Fu**er!"