Monday, June 23, 2008

Wilson Hotel

I had to work late this evening, so I was unable to listen, but on my
walk home I noticed three cop cars and four bicycle units in front of
the Wilson Hotel.

The police were pulling guys out of the hotel in handcuffs. From what
I overheard they are part of a robbery ring. One was in possesion of a
tv from a recent robbery and the others looked like they had some
stolen shoes from various stores.

As I type this four more patrol cars have arrived and it looks as
though they are about to go in and toss the place.

Apparently the catylist for this was a shoplifter at Payless shoes who
fled directly to the Hotel.

Upon entry to the Hotel they encountered a fight in progress.
Ambulances arrived a knife was involved and their was a stabbing.

Police have apprehended the offenders.

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Anonymous said...

Of course not all residents are to blame for the misdeeds of others but let's just cut the BS---from the landlord down to some of the tenants, this place has its problems. Why not clean it up so it can be a fine place to live for the men who are law-abiding but just poor.

Way Smart said...

Funny, Wilson Hotel was just in housing court less than month ago for all the code violations and crime activity. The next court date is in August I think. People should make an effort to attend and let the judge know what they think about this place.

Caring Neighbor said...

I'm the first to hold people accountable, but I'm willing to give Jay Bomberg the benefit of the doubt... for now. I don't think he was aware of what he was getting into with this purchase, and I've seen him around Uptown at various meetings (CAPS, Court Advocates) trying to get a grip on the problem.

I'm hoping this latest round o' fun is even more of an incentive for him to get the place cleaned up. If the August court date is more of the same old same old, I'll roll my eyes in disgust and do everything I can to bring attention to the Wilson Hotel and its (mis)management.

Anonymous said...

How does "cleaning up" this place make it a residence for law-abiding poor people versus criminal poor?????

I don't get the connection.

Any fool who thinks that is the answer is forgetting that the taxpayers spent billions of dollars in the 1960's building new, modern, clean housing projects like Cabrini-Green and Robert Taylor homes so that poor people would have a nice place to live. That whole concept failed.

Anonymous said...

there were a lot of good people at Cabrini and Robert Taylor. The city let the place go for years, then decided it was uninhabitable so they could get them out and put up some more condos.

Anonymous said...

7:27, Helen Shiller says we need more of them. Does she know something the rest of the modern world doesn't?

Anonymous said...

Nice revisionist version of history there, 7:36. So, the city built them just to watch them fail so that they could build condos....30 years later? Yeah, that's the ticket.

Anonymous said...

7:36...Name ONE "good" person who lived in Cabrini Green or Robert Taylor. Provide that person's name and address and phone number. I want to contact that "good" person. Go ONE...just ONE.

The fact is that those jungle savages trashed multi-billion dollar high-rises all on their own and turned them into slums, making any maintenance or repair impossible because workers were justifiably terrified to even go there in fear of their lives.

Anonymous said...

Crime upsets all of us but no need to get to name calling.

Way Smart said...

posts like the one at 1:14pm don't belong on any blog's comment section and should be deleted.

Whoever wrote that, even though we're on the same side of this issue, I want NOTHING to do with your kind.

Anonymous said...

"way smart" is "way stupid"

Anonymous said...

I'd rather be stupid than an ignorant racist asshole.

Anonymous said...

read "Boss" by Mike Royko if you want to understand how this city and it's projects came to be. I could give a long list of phone numbers of good people from Cabrini and Robert Taylor but I think you need the number of a good therapist instead. You would have fit right in working for Richard J.