Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Traffic Control

Just another issue to deal with. Police contending with rush hour
traffic in the neighborhood, while trying to retain the integrity of
the crime scene.

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helen shiller says said...

"CrimeScene., What crime Scene? Do you see anything wrong here."

She is such a BI%^&

Anonymous said...

Wow, great update. Yeah.

Anonymous said...

I have now called 911 THREE times in an hour on a group of kids behind 4800 Kenmore selling drugs and gambling, swearing and fighting... STILL an HOUR later...NO CPD!!!!

Meghan said...

we do need a 911 phone tree. i'm commenting a follow-up to an idea at the uptown update blog. i live right by 4800 kenmore and would have loved calling 911 multiple times with you!