Thursday, August 7, 2008

Late Model White Sedan

Witnesses say the shooter fled in a 4dr older model white sedan.
Police also looking for two black males in white t-shirts on bicycles
who stashed somthing in the alley behind The Peoples Church under a
garbage can.

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Anonymous said...

The shooting at Dover and Leland involved a late model white sedan, that escaped going west on Leland - and was never caught.
I wondering if these are the same scum involved in that too.
Sounds possible - the offenders from Lelend were those same white t-shirt pussies. Their days are numbers, seems like we all have a pretty good description of that car now.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please call on the loud music that is being played behind 4848 Sheridan. ( between Sheridan and Kenmore) I have called 3 times, still not CPD. This is going to bring all the gang bangers in the area around real quick!
Thanks for the help.