Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Next Post

9:51 4730 Winthrop
Man passed out on the stairway.

9:56 Sheridan and Leland

10:01 4747 Magnolia
Fire rolling want police assistance for somthing burning in the front
of this address.

10:02 Stockton Elementary School
Burgular alarm

10:16 3020 Broadway
Arson in progress at the old Dominicks. Fire on the way two white
males pouring gasoline on a dumpster in the alley behind this building.

10:18 Northbound Lakeshore Dr.
Gold Toyota Camry driving wrecklessly.

10:24 4260 Broadway
Battery in progress Asian male bearing Asian female in the driveway in
front of a silver Mercedes.

Turns out arson in progress was a false alarm.

10:27 Broadway and Montrose
Police have stopped the silver Mercedes involved in the earlier
battery in progress.

10:30 Montrose and Clarendon
Traffic stop

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Brandon said...

Hey! Great site. What scanner are you using? I'm using a RS Pro-95.. I was thinking if you have a similar scanner we might share our frequencies. Either way, great site!

PB said...

I am using a radio shack pro 97 triple trucking handheld with a 800 MHz antena. I have programmer the trucking sytem for Chicago and am also able to listen to surveilance and undercover ops though I choose not to post about those. This site is for improving conditions and helping law enforcement anyway possible. I would welcome the opportunity to share frequencies. Maybe you could be a contributor.