Sunday, March 30, 2008

Another Mobile Post

10:33 4737 Magnolia
Bonfire in the rear of the building.

10:41 915 Wilson
Domestic dispute woman called in to report the father of her child
will not leave. Father has an active order of protection and is not
supposed to be there.

11:04 Curfew Mission

11:05 Lawrence Redline
Kidnapping in progress. Male in black pants and gray goodie forced a
female into a gray SUV. Police arrived and male fled on foot eastbound
on Lawrence female not interested in pursuing the matter.

11:59 4550 Clarendon
Report of loud music.

12:15 Southbound LSD
Traffic stop backup called.

12:17 Irving Park and Clark
Strong smell of gas in the air.

12:21 3720 Broadway
Traffic stop.

12:31 3600 Recreation Dr
Two name checks on a pedestrian stop.

12:34 823 Buena
Check the wellbeing on the earlier domestic dispute victim.

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Anonymous said...

A kidnapping? Dang, I wonder what was behind that incident. Lot's of us use that redline stop late at night. Unless there's something more there, if the victim appears to be a random target, this one deserves some attention/community alert.

PB said...

From the sound of it they were a couple having a spat. People not related to them saw what was happening and thought it was worse than it was. It is still good to know that people see things and call it in though.