Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hold On Folks

I went to the bar to have a few beers, but I kept listening and took copious notes. There were 22 Incidents since my last post. I will post them now but it is going to take a few minutes to type them all up.


saskia said...

You must be getting a lot of dates when you take that along with you! Thanks for doing this.

PB said...

I actually do not let anyone know what I am doing. I do talk to people and behave normally believe it or not , I do get some looks when I am scribbling on my little notepad so that I can get back to date when I return to my computer.
This is my second night doing this and it is a lot of work. I do want to make it work the only way for this to be a success and help is if I continue to do this on a regular basis.

saskia said...

I really admire this effort and I think that this sentiment is shared more widely than you may know. I don't have the kind of lifestyle which would enable me to help you but I hope that you might be able to find a partner in crime(fighting)who can assist you with uploading posts. It may take time but I think someone will decide to join in. All the best to you!