Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Post for activity between 7:45 and 9:45 PM

831 Montrose
7:45 Known drughouse people partying for three days being loud yelling racial slurs out the window and threats at passersby.

7:49 Sheridan El Check

8:00 Montrose and Lake shore Dr.
Male broke his ankle people refuse to dispurse.

8:06 Sheridan El Check

8:10 4315 Broadway Salvation Army
Irate customer upset about the quality of merchandise the store sells, left upon arrival of police.

8:12 Broadway and Wilson
Car opening device needed to help a man into his BMW.

8:15 4315 Beacon
Vice Complaint.

8:27 Wilson and Beacon
Suspicious vehicle Navy 4 dr sedan 2 black males following females. Police sent a tac unit.

8:36 Beat 13
Police sent a Tac unit.

8:47 Wilson and LSD
Taxicab out of control swerving and driving eraticly northbound. No one was hurt.

8:49 Montrose Beach Bird Sanctuary
40 yo black male following a bird watcher at the bird sanctuary made her nervous wanted police to know.

8:55 4400-4600 Broadway
Foot Patrol until further notice.

8:58 1021 Montrose The Driftwood Bar
Drunk Patron armed with a poolstick threatening patrons.

9:00 830 Sunnyside
Gang disturbance gangbangers flashing signs and yelling.

9:02 Sheridan El Check


Anonymous said...

Where are the Wilson El checks?

Anonymous said...

Do people watch birds in the dark? I seriously don't know. But I can't imagine walking around the bird sanctuary at that time without feeling a bit nervous, even if I weren't being followed.