Friday, March 28, 2008

Hourly Post From the Bar

7:47 4621 Sheridan
Battery one resident fighting another.

7:58 1111 Lawrence
Man unconcious on the pavement.

8:19 4427 Racine
5 black males fighting in the street.

8:27 4500 Magnolia
6 black males selling drugs on the street.

8:30 Weiss Hospital
White BMW parked in a no parking area.

8:32 Windsor and Hazel
Guys doing bong hits in the alley.

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connellstephanie said...

I am so glad I found your blog. I hate how nothing is reported in the newspaper about the crime in Uptown. On Friday, March 28th at 9:30pm I was sitting in my living room at 818 W. Sunnyside, and I heard men yelling at each other out front. I got up to look, and one began to fire a gun about 6 times at the other man. I dropped to the floor, and called 911. After the phone rang about 25 times, 911 finally picked up. I went outside about an hour later to take my dog out, and did not see any activity, and I do not believe anyone was a victim of the shooting. I could not find anything in the newspaper over the next few days. What I do not understand is how our Alderman does nothing to try to curb this gang outbreak that is happening around Hazel, Sunnyside, and Windsor. Why don't they install those cameras where the problems are occuring over and over. I am so fed up with the neiborhood that we are putting the condo on the market in the next month. I just don't feel safe walking my dog anymore, being a female and having a chihuahua. As soon as the tempertures rise, the violence escalates. I almost dread warmer weather, because I fear what will happen to innocent people out enjoying the nice weather. Sorry for the rant. I am just glad I found your blog. Thanks for all of your hard work to keep us informed.