Friday, March 28, 2008

Was Going to Leave the Radio at Home

As I was leaving it got real interesting so I put the radio in my
pocket grabbed my iPod and walked to the bar. Look for hourly posts
starting at 7:45

6:45 Wilson and Sheridan
A fistfight broke out offenders three black males took construction
horses and used them to beat out windows of a green Pontiac
Bonneville. The offenders fled east on Windsor in a dark blue sedan.
Then headed south on Clarendon. Police have stopped both cars a
warning for caution was issued as a weopon was found in the Bonneville
in a traffic stop last week on an unrelated incident.
The police have asked for the pod camera footage at Wilson and
Sheridan for help in sorting this out. All the video showed was three
black males fleeing south on Sheridan from the El Pollo Loco lot.
This was interesting to listen to from start to finish 30 minutes from
the start of the event till the police were reviewing footage on their
portable data terminals (PDT) as they refer to them on the radio.
Police apprehended both sets of offenders within 2 minutes.

7:30 Top Ten Mission Ended
I may have missed the begins of this mission, but the several posts
about arrests earlier on were part of this. I have noticed that
recently between 6:00 and 7:30 top ten missions are run looking for
players in the area that they stop and question.

7:22 Jewell Montrose and Sheridan
Security holding black male for theft.

Back with another post in one hour.

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