Saturday, April 5, 2008

Defense for Posting the Photos

While the details for some of these offenders last arrest may seem
mundane to some readers, the truth is that the full story behind each
of these guys is too lengthy to explain. These guys have sheets - some
of them numbering over 40 other arrests - and these are just for the
crimes in which they were caught. We are not posting photos of people who
made a harmless bad decision that did not impact anyone.

What we are doing is simply making it easier for the good guys to
recognize the bad guys. Criminals need the protection of remaining
invisible to their prey. It is this 'cloak of invisibility' that allows
them to continue to operate in an area.

If the bad guys lose their protective cloak and become known in an
area it becomes neccessary for them to move somewhere else.

Knowledge can be a very powerful crime fighting tool. You will also
notice that this site will not editorialize on any of the facts that
we post. We simply report what has happened. We respect all of our
readers views and opinions and have not moderated any of the comments.
We are sorry that some may find portions of the content objectionable;
however, we have not posted anything that is not the truth.

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Anonymous said...

Bravo! Well-said!

Thomas MacEntee said...

And you haven't published anything that isn't readily available to the public. Granted, they might not find it on the Internet, but they can still get a hold of it.

Bravo as well!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't worry about that comment on the other blog. There's nothing wrong with publishing those photos. The police prepare those flyers precisely to inform the community of these crimes and arrests. You are going to attract comment trolls from time to time and I think that will be the poster-child / template for what you can expect from the trolls.

Anonymous said...

Poster No #1 says

Somebody is a "troll" if they don't agree with you...

It's nice the police present these photos of PEOPLE WHO HAVE NOT BEEN CONVICTED OF THE CRIME THEY WERE ARRESTED FOR!!!!!!!!

Why don't the police...wait until someone has been CONVICTED OF A CRIME before they publish the photos of people who arrested many of whom will be proven innocent......'s very common for people who are arrested to be judged NOT GUILTY ......

Maybe the police who are constantly double parking, going through red lites to get to starbucks where they often WON"T pay for Coffee....who violate about every driving rule in rules of the road....could use a few arrest of fellow;ll never see that!...The coke head cop, the cop who drunk driving.....

Anonymous said...

anon 7:06:

Sorry, welcome to the real world. If you seriously believe that the rate of false arrests is that high in this neighborhood, you have got to be smoking something. And they don't publish every person arrested. Look up the rap sheets on some of these people if you like. This isn't their only entry.

Erin said...

This blog is great! I check it at least once a day. Keep up the good work!!

Anonymous said...

It's pretty obvious from these pictures that criminals in this community are the ones with bad haircuts. Thanks for posting. For a while there I didn't know who might be a criminal and who might not just by looking at them. Now I have something to go on.

soxfanlivinginacubsworld said...

Thank you for the wonderful service you are providing to the community. I'm fast becoming a loyal reader.

"Knowledge can be a very powerful crime fighting tool. If the bad guys lose their protective cloak and become known in an
area it becomes necessary for them to move somewhere else."

Uptowns Poetic Justice.

Keep up the good work!

IrishPirate said...

If bad haircuts are an indication of criminality then I deserve the death penalty!

PB said...

How bad is your haircut Irish Pirate?

IrishPirate said...

There's a joke here somewhere.

I can't figure it out though.