Wednesday, April 2, 2008

First Week in The Blogosphere

Nothing succeeds without success. I am going to call the first seven
days a success. 2400 hits on the counter increasing frequency of
comments. People that want to help. This is important and relevant.

I know the police said that the gang activity is just the beginning of
what is to come in the summer. We could spoil the Gangs Summer.

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Mad on Racine said...

Nice work CUCB! I am addicted your website since I saw the posting on Uptown Update. My wife and I live on Racine and we have noticed an increase in gang bangers and drug deals going on around our 'hood in the past year or so. I would never look to our pathetic Alderman for help, so websites like this are essential to keep our neighborhoods safe!

Anonymous said...

I would definitely call this a success! expect more hits--I'm telling all my friends in Uptown about your site. People definitely want to know this info about their neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

I also found you through Uptown Update - been here often since. Great work keeping us informed. Thanks

Koocachoo72 said...

Yes, great work... and thanks so much for your efforts! If we are going to turn Uptown around, we have to work together and that means staying informed.


Anonymous said...

Really appreciate the time and effort you put into this. I'm just hoping it doesn't burn you out! Thank you for helping us know what goes on in our community.