Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Last Post Before Bed

10:23 4615 Malden
Black males in the alley drinking and drugging.

10:26 4626 Clifton Cornerstone Community Center
10 year old caught robbing a 3 year old.

10:33 4621 Sheridan
Missing 23 year old from the nursing home. First time escape for this guy.


Anonymous said...

Cornerstone Shelter...WWJD?

Ald. Hellion Zhilter said...

(Peanut-Butta' transcribed/digitally belched- "10:33 4621 Sheridan
Missing 23 year old from the nursing home. First time ESCAPE for this guy.")

* * *
Dearest Scanner-scribbler:
These unfortunate folks don't ESCAPE from a nursing home, foo'! They have the right to leave and sometimes they don't feel like returning on schedule... sheesh! Try visiting the "Pap-smear" (i.e. "Grasmere Assisted Living Facility") sometime for more than 10 minutes... you wouldn't wanna return either! Sorry you haven't been able to have it torn down... (yet.) Maybe we can move "them" to the west or south sides too, like Pacific Garden Mission! Or better yet- go back to Naperville, Hoffman Estates, Bannockburn or whatever other equally pointy-headed "planned community", homogenized super-burb you were cloned in! You bought in UPTOWN, AmERiCa, rube. Your realtor somehow forgot to mention you'd need a FLAME-THROWER or sniper rifle to make it what you really want: ALL WELL-OFF WHITEYS!

-And to... Anny... (9:30 am)

Q:What W-O-U-L-D Jesus DO?!?

A: Throw your MONEY-CHANGIN', REAL-ESTATE SPECULATIN', iPod Touch® Mobile-Bloggin' PALLID CELLULITIC ASS right outta the temple! WoRD, BeeYatcHhh!!