Thursday, April 3, 2008

Home From Work and Listening.

3:20 4400-4800 Magnolia
Officer to go on foot patrol.

3:33 4486 Marine Weiss Hospital
Domestic battery at the emergency room.

3:34 Wilson Skate Park
Known sex offender watching the kids at the park.

3:36 851 Montrose
Accident truck hit a fire escape in the rear of the building.

3:46 4437 Sheridan
Traffic stop.

4:12 Northbound Lake Shore Drive
Man slumped over the wheel of his car.

4:13 834 Sunnyside
Two males loitering in the hallway of the building.

4:15 Lawrence CTA
Premise check.

4:16 911 Leland
Battery in progress

4:21 4426 Magnolia
Domestic Battery flash sent out looking for the offender who lives at 4426 Magnolia.

4:23 Marine and Buena
Two black males drinking in the alley.

4:33 Lawrence and Sheridan
Street stop backup called.

4:37 4554 Broadway
Criminal tresspassing in progress black male bangin on the windows of office building and yelling at people inside.

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