Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Post at 6

5:35 3515 Sheffield
Man caught stealing a car by the owner. Suspect ran into 3515 Sheffield and is hiding inside now. Police are on the scene trying to find him.

5:47 4350 Broadway
6 black males drinking in front of garage drinking and urinating. Police relaize from the address that they will be meeting the regular drinkers and urinaters when they get here.
(From a previous CAPS meeting these guys hang out in front of the Public Storage facility on broadway across the street from U-Haul, they are looking for people to hire them to assist with moving.)

5:50 Chase Park
Foot patrol in the park.

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Anonymous said...

I'm such a nerd! I read these posts every night and then email my mom the funny ones like the alien burial ground and poison cigarettes.