Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Body of a Person Found In Montrose Harbor

At 8:07 a citizen who was fishing at Montrose Harbor flagged down a patrol officer and reported that he thought he saw the body of a person floating just off the Montrose Harbor concrete. at approximately 8:11 the Officer confirmed that it was indeed a floater in the water the Marine unit was called and fire department is on the way they said that this is protocol for this type of situatiuon. The detectives bureau was notified. Fire department has just hooked onto the body but was asked to not get involved and release the body as it could be a possible homicide and if so they do not want to CFD to contaminate the crime scene.

The scene is approximately 50 yards south of the bird sanctuary.

Police have closed off the road at the Bait shop. They mentioned that the media may attempt to get there on foot and are to be kept far from the scene. The Detectives do not want anyone near the scene, police have been advised to start moving the fisherman back to their cars, and asking them to find another place to fish this evening.

9:36 Police have pulled the body out of the water, bagged it and are now transporting it.


Uptown Updater said...

Any updates on this? Not good.

PB said...

Nope not so far, sounds like the body is still in the water waiting on a crime lab truck to arrive.

Anonymous said...

Thank God I'm leaving Uptown.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:42 - c'mon, now. Anywhere you have a large population near a body of water (which is darned near EVERY city in the world), you're going to be pulling bodies out of the water.

Bodies pop up downtown, as well.

Finding a body in Montrose Harbor, in and of itself, says absolutely nothing about the state of Uptown.

PB said...

Anonymous why leave, why not stay and help make it better?
Are you moving to Lincoln Park? to be around other J-Crew wearing cookie cutters. If so it is probably fine that you are leaving if not then why not recognize what Uptown could be and help some folks that have already figured out that it is a diamond in the rough.