Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wednesday Evening Update

5pm - 956 West Cuyler
white male green jacket drinking in the alley

5:05 - 4108 Sheridan
woman needing assistance opening her car

5:09 - Broadway & Wilson
2 Drivers License checks

5:11 - Hazel & Windsor
5 teens throwing rocks at one youth

5:30 - 2120 West Waveland
ID check

5:36 - 1050 West Montrose
traffic stop

5:37 - Ashland & Waveland
One male black / 2 female hispanics broke out windows of business and ran


Anonymous said...

Hey what kind of help do you think people could give to your blog. Not sure what kind of response you've gotten so far, but you might get more if you post an entry listing some of the easy little things people might be able to do. In a perfect world more people would take the intiative (just like me...not), but if you give a litte guidance you might find a lot of people stepping up!

Also, do you absolutely need a scanner to listen in? I wonder if there are website out there that are tuned in.

And thanks for all your hard work - this is a great blog.

PB said...

The truth is there are so many avenues that we could take on this that if you had an idea we would be very open to hearing what you would like to contribute.

One idea we had was looking into problem buildings getting arrest records and calls for service reports to certain addresses as well as looking at public records and posting the info on people with criminal records who reside at a problem building.

As far as needing a scanner to listen in, there are some sites that have live scanner feeds and they are interesting to listen to however when you just want to listen to a particular neighborhood it becomes very difficult to hear everything and to follow as the scanner does just that it scans all the districts in Chicago. I turn off the scanning function and tune directly in to Zone 2 which is Uptown and Lakeview.

Anonymous said...

I looked up the scanner you use a couple days ago and wow is it expensive. There must be cheaper ones out there. When you were shopping for one, did you consider any "budget" scanners? Are there any that you could recommend?

PB said...

For listening to what is going on in the neighborhood like you see in the posts pretty much any of them would work. I bought the more expensive one as I sometimes like to listen in on the undercover ops and surveilance in the neighborhood. I do not report on these as it would be detrimental to the goal.

Radioshack does have one available for about 50 bucks which would work just fine for listening to the patrol beats. Just tune into frequency 460.0500 that is the channel that Chicago Police Zone 2 uses. You will be hearing districts 19 and 23 on this channel.