Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tuesday Afternoon

4:00 4717 Kenmore armed robbery black male wielding a pocket knife robbed a person of their cell phone wallet and $20.00 US currency then fled west on Leland.

4:03 4600 Marine auto accident car vs a School bus, no injuries.

4:05 4431 Broadway arrest made transport for the prisoner being requested.

4:10 912 Montrose employee of Jewell Osco is holding a thief who stole some booze from the store in the alley. They are requesting that the police speed up their response as the thief is getting agitated.


a little birdie said...

There is a rumor circulating around the neighborhood that the Sheridan shooter will be turning himself in this evening. We can only hope that justice will be served and that the gun will be recovered.

Anonymous said...

I hope he does but also remember that his minister and attorney will be there to talk about what an assett this twirp was to society. How he helped retarded kids learn how to swim used to remove bowell impactions from seniors in his church. How when asked to be a bone marrow donor he got tested to be a match but was determined unfit however he was found out to be a perfect match for a downs syndrome baby who needs a new kidney in Evanston. He would do the donation if he could just get this nagging problem of some stupid horse play before school started off of his shoulders.

For god sake people I invoke the Obama clause which says that every injustice in this world deserves a seperate and equal response that is measured to afford the maximum amount of leniancy towards minority offenders as they are not responsable for their actions. the parents that decided to drink Colt 45 and fuck are.

John said...

get real! the punk'll wait until he gets caught & then he'll flip on 10 other people he knows before he'll take responsibility for his own actions. where's this mugger? hope he's on camera. Kenmore's a condo block. Homeowners around here have taken to video cameras on the property since it's too difficult for Schiller to strategically place one just about anywhere. Yay! A cam by the Aragon. Why not at Sheridan & Lawrence??? Add another at Broadway and Sunnyside. Newp-not a fan of Big Brother. I'm just tired of the way these shits are the ones running this hood. The cops all know where the crime is. The alderman knows where the crime is. ID the lil shits. Lock em up. Make 'em pay. I miss going for the late night walks I used to be able to take when I was in Lakeview. Now I don't even want to go out the door.