Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wednesday Night

It is Wednesday night here in Uptown looks like a storm is rolling in, and the Cubs start at 7:05. There is a lot of activity in Wrigleyville not so much in our neck of the woods. I will continue to monitor and see what develops. Usually a rain storm sends the bad guys running for cover.

6:57 1357 Sunnyside woman reports that someone put a cigarette but in her flower pot. She wants to make a Police Report.


Starck Mad said...

people can be stupid......if only a cig butt in a flower pot were the least of Sunnyside Mall's concerns.

Sadly, one of the reasons I welcome a cold winter, is that it (might) curtail the criminals from holding court.

Anonymous said...

Chicago now more dangerous than Iraq.

Anonymous said...

no violence in 2 weeks..the Surge in Iraq I mean uptown must be working..