Monday, March 31, 2008

The 10 O'clock Post

9:46 4515 Sheridan
Black Males making lots of noise. Police have already been here several times today for these guys.

9:51 Clark and Montrose
Drunk White guy with a green shirt walking around asking people if they can sell him drugs.

9:57 Clark and Irving Park
2 White males fighting.

10:00 800 block of Sunnyside
Gangbangers causing trouble again flashing signs.

10:04 4530 Magnolia
Supervisor needed for a stop.

10:05 Curfew Mission
Several units assigned to look for curfew violators.


Anonymous said...

This is all great. I love reading. Wish I could read about a little further north as I'm at Marine and Margate.

Anonymous said...

You really should put AM or PM on your posts or use the police 24 hour system. I would like to know if happened in the morning or evening.

Anonymous said...


I just stumbled upon your blog, and I love what you're doing here.

You've gained a reader! ; )

Sarah said...

if look at the post time at the bottom of each post, it's pretty obvious whether it's am or pm.

thanks for doing this, pb. please don't feel like you are surgically attached to the scanner! we appreciate it, but you still need to have a life!

Sara said...

Sarah - I was going to post something similar about pb having a life and how much I appreciate this portion of it, but you beat me to it!


PB said...

I do have a life which I might add into the posts after I get more comfortable doing the meat and potatoes portion. I love doing this what I love even more is that Others find this interesting. I bought the scanner a little more than a week before I started posting.

After learning how to program it, as well as how trunked radio systems worked and then how to listen to exactly what you wanted to monitor I was hooked listening to it and kind of wanted to share. Thank goodness google made it easier, I am not the best computer guy luckily I have a Mac which makes a few things less tricky.

Anonymous said...

I understand when he posts. It is the radio calls I am talking about. Or should I assume all are in the evening.