Monday, March 31, 2008

19th District Craziness

The 19 th district shares the airwaves with the 23rd district here in Chicago, for those of you not familiar with the 19th district geographicly it uses the same north and south borders as the 23rd district Fullerton to Lawrence. The 19th district begins at Clark and heads west. Tonight they have been having non-stop craziness.

Some of the highlights so far was the first dispersal of the year for the “Bucket Boys” these are the guys with the pickle buckets that drum in front of busy places. There is a guy running down Lincoln Ave in a hospital gown and his private parts keep falling out as he is running. They have a love triangle on Hoyne Ave. with one of the participants armed with a box-cutter. There are a group of drunk people doing push-ups and sit-ups in an alley, off of Southport. Someone who lives on Newport heard what he thought was an explosion turned out that it was the EL going by, he just moved here from out of town and it is his first night living there and was not used to the noise the EL makes.

All of this was in the last 10 minutes, as soon as somthing happens in the 23rd district I will post it.


Anonymous said...

LOL! That part about the EL noise was pretty funny.

Reading all of this stuff makes me realize that I could never be in law enforcement. 2 or 3 days of this stuff and I would just start throwing things around yelling, "enough already!!! stop misbehaving!!! be good!!!! go have a hot chocolate and read a nice book!!!!"

Anonymous said...

And let us not forget..... Cubs home opener! Case and point.