Monday, March 31, 2008


I added the area around Wrigley for this post as it got kind of interesting as the game got closer to completion.

5:28 1041 Wilson
Pedestrian stop, and name check, person does not know there Social Security Number or have ID. Name check comes back as a person with parole status and gang affiliations and an active order of protection.

5:31 3620 Clark McDonalds
Security is holding a white male for damage to property.

5:35 4403 Sheridan
Domestic battery woman called from payphone said that she is having a problem with her boyfriend.

5:36 Clark and Addison The Cubby Bear
White female refuses to pay her $700.00 bar tab.

5:38 3525 Seminary
Man lying on the pavement completely unresponsive

5:39 Ashland and Addison
Drunk Man drove into a parked car is trying to flee the scene.

5:40 4520 Clarendon
Check the well-being, woman called in to claim that she talks to her son everyday and has not heard from him today. She wants the Police to go and see if he is ok. Turns out he was fine and the Police said that they were another pair of overserved citizens.

5:47 3714 Clark
Drunk man hit a drunk female big fight broke out.

6:03 745 Wilson
Premise Check

6:08 3564 Sheffield
Fight at the 7 Eleven

6:16 651 Hutchinson
Burglar alarm same address as yesterdays burglar alarm. Same reason to the guy forgot to shut his door.

6:20 4332 Sheridan
Car broken down in the bus stop officer asking for courtesy to allow the time to get the car moved from the location.

6:32 POV Mission
7 units involved to patrol the area from Broadway to Clarendon Lawrence to Montrose.

6:36 Newport and Sheffield
Auto Theft in progress. Police caught the offender trying to steal a gray SUV.

6:40 Addison and Halsted
Auto accident at the Shell gas station, Cab vs. Honda Civic. Cab trying to flee the scene.

6:46 3622 Clark
Suspicious package in the ATM vestibule

6:47 3900 Broadway
Accident driver to take himself to the hospital.

6:47 928 Wilson
Dispute over change at the store.

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Anonymous said...

Discovered your blog off Uptown Update's link a few days ago. Awesome job! Keep it up!

Some of this stuff is so depressing, but you've got some comic gold as well, like the landlord who cut off power to his tenant for earth hour this past saturday!

Sadly, it makes me a little more scared of my neighborhood though. I will be much more cautious next time I decide to be a cheap drunk and walk home instead of cabbing it...