Saturday, June 7, 2008

Evening Update

10:33 Police Station
Four people in the station complaining of auto damage from holes in
Lake Shore Dr. Police trying there best to get a hold of someone at
streets and sanitation the calls keep going to voice mail.

10:37 Police finally get through to streets and sanitation. They claim
that it is not their responsibility.

10:38 Montrose Harbor
Paddy wagon requested, by bike unit. Five arrests being made.

10:45 Public Violence Mission
10 sector.

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Anonymous said...

What do you have against the Irish? I didn't know you were about using derogatory terms on this blog. Paddy Wagon refers to the days when the wagon was used to pull up to a bar and throw all the drunks in the back and hall them off to jail. So Paddy Wagon is a reference to all the Irish as being a bunch of drunks. Take your hate somewhere else or at least spread it around to all nationalities.
from - A Sober Irishman

IrishPirate said...


Lighten up there Francis.

Although it does seem like you are getting your "Irish Up."


Drinking agin'? Off the wagon? Pardon da pun.

Anonymous said...

Because no one ever uses the term paddy wagon, right? Sounds like you could use a drink.

Anonymous said...

just goes to show you that only offensive words against minorities count.