Saturday, June 7, 2008

Saturday Evening

5:19 4505 Clarendon
Dispute in apartment on 26th floor. Resident fighting with his friend.

6:35 Lake Michigan
Marine unit and helicopter called in to look for three teens lost on a
jet ski.

8:01 733 Aldine
Kids in a knife fight.

8:04 Broadway North from Aldine
Police looking for a black male named shadow wielding a knife and
threatening people. Sounds like shadow is well known by the patrol

8:07 737 Aldine
People videoed the knife fight and are providing it to police.

8:08 Shadow apprehended

8:08 4233 Broadway
Attempted burglary. Woman reports a black male just climbed in her

8:16 1140 Wilson
Street stop.

8:17 Shadow being taken to church to speak to his counselor.

8:19 4506 Sheridan
Woman at the treatment center fighting the staff.

8:21 police looking for a black male with an orang baseball hat and
Kelly green shirt for the attempted burglary at 4233 Broadway.

8:23 4717 Broadway
Street stop.

8:24 4426 Clifton apt 2E
Domestic disturbance.

8:25 Grace and Seminary
Assault in progress.

8:33 Grace and Seminary
Police have Michael Jackson of 1025 Sunnyside in custody for assault.

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