Saturday, June 7, 2008

Saturday Evening Update

9:09 Lawrence and Malden
Traffic stop.

9:13 1113 Wilson
Man passed out under recline tracks.

9:14 4420 Magnolia
Gang dispersal.

9:20 745 Wilson
Premise check.

9:25 626 Montrose
Bumper in the road.

9:35 4507 Sheridan
Battery in progress three people fighting inside the resteraunt.

9:38 4550 Marine
Hand waver flagged down patrol car.

9:39 3600 Recreation Dr.
Auto accident.

9:48 945 Agatite
Traffic stop. Driver has a revoked drivers license.

9:58 Wilson and Magnolia
Intoxicated female screaming.

9:59 Wilson and Magnolia
Man laying in the street.

Two for the price of one.

10:03 4759 Sheridan
People in the Pantry will not leave.

10:05 4100 Sheridan
Man throwing bottles at people walking by.

10:13 LSD and Irving Park
Huge potholes developing on the drive. Parts of cars are falling off.

10:17 Sunnyside and Racine
White Ford Tempo with occupants doing drugs and playing loud music.

10:20 3700 Clifton
Loud party in the backyard.

10:22 LSD and Irving
Lots of debris from cars all over the road.

10:23 4750 Sheridan
Black male tresspassing in building refuses to leave.

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Meghan said...

Eek! Keep us posted with the LSD talk! No driving for me :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah, we're ready for the Olympics!!! Too many damaged vehicles to count? Streets and San going to voicemail. The city that works!