Saturday, August 30, 2008

Late Evening Update

11:33 1221 Sunnyside two offenders on the hood of the car curfew violators.

11:34 Montrose Harbor battery victim waiting for Police at the Montrose Harbor Comfort Station. Nobody seems to know where that is.

11:36 Wilson and Sheridan damage to property in progress black male kicking the Newspaper box and destroying it.

11:37 707 Waveland Burglary in progress woman returned home to find a black male standing in her kitchen she is at a friends home now.

11:51 Marine and Lawrence gang congregation.


Anonymous said...

So the candles and Grey Goose bottles are gone. Now how many times do we have to call 311 to get the black srpay paint off the sidewalk and building?
I hope other people are calling 311.

Anonymous said...

I am hearing a lot of sirens tonight. I hope all is okay out there...

Anonymous said...

The paint appears to have been cleaned - the sidewalk was still wet about an hour ago from some kind of cleaning operation.

I live two doors north of the homicide location, but missed everything as I was out of town for the weekend.

Until recently, outside my building and outside the big condo building and parking lot at 4848 N Sheridan have been major congegration points, but for a month or so CPD has been diligent about clearing people out. That is at night, though, and I can't believe that this happened at 3 in the afternoon.