Saturday, August 30, 2008


Things are pretty slow tonight but in the previous post there was that gang-banger vigil at yesterdays scene that might be the fuel on the fire to ignite something tonight, so I am still listening.

10:04 Lawrence and Sheridan street stop, officer asking for an additional car.

10:05 4550 Clarendon domestic battery in progress.

10:26 Sunnyside and Broadway ambulance needed for a battery victim. Police know who they are looking for Ola Price beat up her sister Carla Price. She is a black female 20 years of age wearing a purple and white striped tank-top. rolled up faded jeans. Police are advised to use caution as she is carrying a knife. Most of the officers are familiar with the pair and are mentioning some of their haunts to help in the locating of Ola.

10:35 4550 Clarendon 15 year old prostitute selling her wares on the corner.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome. I am walking past Sunnyside and Broadway in about ten minutes...

I guess I'll walk fast.