Saturday, August 30, 2008

Waiting and Listening

Decided to stay in waiting to hear if there is any retaliation, for yesterdays homicide. So giving you all a dose of what has been going on tonight in Uptown. This is the way we used to do it before we cut back to a summer schedule only posting the shootings.

8:53 Mexican Male on bicycle at Magnolia and Wilson exposing himself to passersby.

8:54 Not in Uptown but a little scary, Male in the bushes wearing black pants a black coat and a black ski mask hiding in the bushes near the lakefront bike trail and Waveland clock tower.

8:55 Woman screaming for help at 825 Sunnyside.

8:58 Police find the masked man and are trying to figure things out.

9:09 Shots Fired 4344 Sheridan.

9:12 945 Gordon Terrace homeless people getting drunk and noisy in the alley.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Crime Blotter.
Every siren is a reminder of yesterdays terrible sight.
Thanks for making today a little